Going recipe-less

I’m a slave to recipes. I see one that’s accompanied with a yummy-looking picture and I feel compelled to adhere to it. With pinterest, and thousands of food blogs with talented photographers, I am so easily convinced that the secret to a good dinner lies in following the directions that are so clearly laid out by “professional recipe developers”. (At first, I actually thought that this was some sort of formal accredidation that was given by culinary institutes or associations.) And when I do, the outcome is usually without fault.

But then, when I have a fridge full of miscellaneous items without a recipe to follow, I feel at a total loss as to what to do. (My mom calls this fridge management.) Being unable to name or categorize what to I am about to make makes me anxious about cooking, which is totally ludicrous. I’ve literally made hundreds of meals without any of them being unpalatable, so I must have gathered enough experience throughout the years to channel at least some of the thought process of a “recipe developer”. So today I went recipe-less. I admit I admired some pictures online, but I didn’t look at any recipes and made a decent pasta dish with linguine, broccoli, cauliflower, butter, garlic, homemade breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese (proudly grated with my potato peeler).

It was a bit dry at first and S wanted to remedy that with kimchi juice, to which I very strongly objected. Thankfully, there isn’t anything you can’t fix with a bit more butter and salt. I also made these potatoes, which were pinterest-inspired, without looking at directions.

So despite the amateurish debut, I think I’m going to go recipe-less more often.


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