Chocolate and Spring

I know in my last post I suggested that I would be more conscious about what I make and eat, but it doesn’t seem to be translating into any action quite yet. I’ve never been good at following diets, or any kind of food restrictions for that matter.

Besides, last week in Asia was White Day (March 14), a holiday created for boys to reciprocate February 14 by giving chocolate to girls. Also known as Valentine’s Day’s Evil Twin, it’s not something we deliberately celebrate, but I did use it as an excuse to make brownies with Swiss chocolate and my heart-shaped cookie cutter.

I slightly underbaked them, which made for neither cakey nor fudgey brownies, but ones that were somewhere perfectly in-between. So even though I’m not a professed brownie lover, I couldn’t resist these intensely chocolately bites. As usual, the batch yielded too many for two, and after a few days of non-stop nibbling, I decided that we had to give some of them away for the sake of our waistline, and tearfully packed away a tupperware for S’ co-workers.

They seemed to enjoy them, as the container came back empty. One even joked about commissioning $100 worth! (Little do they know how remarks like that make my heart flutter.)

Then on Saturday, I was compelled to celebrate the good weather with Nutella, strawberry and banana crepes.

Well, to work off the damage and enjoy the first warm weekend this year, we went to hike Bukhansan, one of Seoul’s sacred mountains. We inadvertently chose the most difficult peak, which made for exercise that felt more like hanging on to dear life as opposed to a leisurely stroll. For the last hour, we were using cables, and on our hands and feet to get to the top.

But the view was stunning and well worth the struggle.

The only thing was that getting down was even trickier than going up. And after three days, my calves and thighs are still a bit sore. I suppose this is rather telling of how unfit I am, but still I see no correlation between that and my brownie consumption.


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