Spicy Dreams and Mouldy Peppers

Lately I’ve been having the most disturbing dreams. Nightmares really… often so vivid that I dread falling asleep. They usually relate to things that occur to me during the day, like a thought, a conversation or someone I encountered. The night after I went to the pool, I dreamt about being a janitor-in-trainer forced to scrub the filthy toilets in the woman’s changing room.

Theses unwelcome dreams visit my sleep so often that I decided to try googling potential causes for them. In 1992, there was in fact a study which found that spicy foods can disturb one’s sleep. I know it sounds like an old wives’ tale, but given that Korean food looks like a symphony of red, I thought I would try putting the finding to the test. And sure enough, after a two day break from sundubu and kimchi jjigae, I had my first restful night in several days. Curious indeed, and probably a much needed break for my stomach anyways.

Another problem I find about food in Korea is that things spoil incredibly quickly, even with the fridge set at the lowest temperature. Potatoes will sprout, while chilli peppers  grow mould at a pace faster than Pyeongyang breaks promises. Last week, I was horrified when I found the box of strawberries I had been saving blanketed with white fuzz, and subsequently fed to the compost. I think I will turn this problem over for google to solve, and see if there aren’t any old wives tales to remedy this as well.


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