Seoul in Bloom

This post has nothing to do with cooking, but I just had to mention how beautiful the Yonsei campus has become since the flowers have started blooming. I’m just about the furthest thing from a gardening enthusiast, and I can’t even name most of the flowers I am admiring, but you would have to be pretty heartless not to feel something at the sight of this stunning scene. I find myself wandering off the path home just to get a closer look at the blossoms, and I get excited when people tell me that the day of full bloom isn’t even here yet! I brought my camera to class one day to try to capture the dreaminess of it all, but the pictures (and my lack of photography skills) simply don’t do it any justice.

I mean, look at these magnolia trees! How can you not be excited?

They really make going to school so much more pleasant. I know they won’t be here forever, so the only thing to do is enjoy them while they last.  And enjoy them I most certainly will.


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