Blog Envy

After 3 days, I’ve finally gotten over whatever was causing my stomach to churn. I didn’t have much of an appetite, and found solace only in bread. At first, I made do with the white fluffy sliced stuff that is available en masse in Korea, but on a walk near Ehwa Women’s University, I stumbled across Brown Bread bakery. It is a wonderful little shop, where you can see bakers working in the background, turning out all sorts of loaves. For the first time since I got here, I had a very decent demi-campagne and a pain au chocolat, which even my upset stomach was strangely receptive to.

During this time of non-eating, I renewed my love of reading other people’s food blogs, and became terribly envious of the normal size kitchens and variety of tools that these bloggers work with. I coveted the pretty pictures they took with their fancy lenses, and the whimsical accessories that adored the meal they made. I looked at my pitiful single burner and the Corelle plates that make up my “kitchen”, and tried to blame them for my lack of enthusiasm to regularly make food as exciting as what is featured on other blogs. We don’t even have a proper table to eat on. Rather, we make do with some leftover curtain and an ironing board, and sit on the floor.

But I couldn’t wallow in self-pity forever, and since I finally had my appetite back, I came home from class today to prove myself wrong. I made this chicken-ginger noodle soup and sesame tofu salad. Simple for sure, but healthy, and good.

I also became so mesmerized by this picture and story of chocolate mousse cake that I had to have it…. immediately. And so I made it. But it was only after all the ingredients were mixed that I realized that it was one of those mousse cakes that you don’t bake, but rather let set for 2 days. Well, given that I couldn’t possibly wait that long, I took a chance, poured the batter into my loaf tins and baked them in a bain marie. I’m so glad because it turned out to be a divinely dense mousse cake after it cooled.

I know it doesn’t look like much (nothing I make ever does), but everything from its colour, texture to taste was like an oasis of pleasure to my dessert-deprived tastebuds. Korean cakes tend to be overly light in every dimension and just don’t do it for me so I rarely bother ordering any. The mousse was a perfect ending to a very happy dinner, and one that reminded me of the infinite possibilities of my little kitchen.

And to keep to mood merry, here are some more pictures of the sakura near Sinchon area.

(I know it says Casse Croute, but believe me when I say it is not.)


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