The Art of Procrastination

Lately I’ve been distracted by everything. Well, it’s mid-term season, and pretty much anything is more exciting than going to the library to study or write essays. In Montreal, I was always pretty good at turning my eyes away from a good time, and into my books, but here I am having trouble maintaining that same level of discipline. I find myself making excuses to cook, brainstorming for a blog post, getting lost in daydreams or going outside to enjoy the cherry blossoms. I even cleaned the shower. Right now, I’m writing one sentence here for every one sentence I write for an essay on Northeast Asia Politics class. And yesterday, I made pasta and baked pumpkin for dinner. In Montreal, I would have just starved.

I don’t quite know what compelled me to buy a pumpkin in a first place. I never liked pumpkin, except when it is camouflaged in cake. But when I saw this one at the market a while back, it looked so wholesome that I had to have it. I brought it home, put it on top of the fridge and forgot about it. I let it sit there, and it was only while cleaning yesterday that I felt forced to confront it before it had to be made into budae-jjigae. So I cut it up, brushed the slices with oil and baked them with some salt and spices. It tasted just like sweet potato, and I actually liked it.

As for the pasta, I always make this simple tomato sauce. The only trouble I ran into here was that my can opener broke, and I had to resort to savagely tearing the tin open with a knife and a rolling pin.

But after that, I just stewed the plum tomatoes with garlic, olive oil, some honey and herbs, and ate it over spaghetti with some parmesan cheese. Yum!

Food is definitely the best kind of distraction there is, and really, who can blame me for wanting to feed myself well.


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