Baking Extravaganza

Mid-terms here were more challenging than I expected, and I hobbled through the week in a half-awake daze. I managed to stay away from making anything too crazy but I did sneak in these pumpkin muffins, as I didn’t want the other half to go bad in my fridge.

I always use this recipe, and it has always been amazing, but this time, I didn’t have quite enough pumpkin. Then I came up with the silly idea to cut down on oil/sugar. Well, it wasn’t good idea, because the best part about this bread is its denseness, and these turned out to be way too fluffy. I wasn’t happy, but they came in handy for early morning and long nights at the library.

I was so excited for the week to be over, because for a month now, I have been looking forward to taking part in a foreigner’s flea market where I hope to sell some baked goodies for charity and pocket change. I had been planning on what to make, and after deciding on a “menu” of three simple items, I went to the baking market to stock up on butter, cream cheese and some cute packaging materials.

I spent Friday night baking brownies and carrot cake, and Saturday making red velvet cupcakes. And then on Sunday morning (today), I got up early to prepare the frosting.

I struggled with everything; I over-baked the brownies and then under-baked the carrot cake. Then too much batter in the muffin liners caused some of my cupcakes to overflow. With careful damage control, I managed to fix everything and with S’ help, we created a little assembly line and put it all together quite nicely for sale.

But just as I was getting ready to go, I looked up the directions to the flea market one more time and realized in a classic case of clumsiness, that I had mixed up the dates and it was actually yesterday. I looked at the pile of goodies we lovingly prepared, then I flushed as red as my red velvet when I told S the embarrassing news, who didn’t seem all surprised. Together, we lamented our wasted effort and thought about ways to deal with the excess in the house.

Luckily, S recently changed work teams, and had been wanting to do something nice for his former co-workers. We decided that cupcakes will go to them, while his new co-workers will get a slice of carrot cake each. Still, it was a sad realization. They are holding another flea market next week, and hopefully, I’ll get the time right and be able to participate in that one.

And since I no longer had any plans for the day, I made some baked potatoes to go with all that sugar.


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