Role Reversal

It has been a such busy week. Between research papers and presentations, I also had to go to San Francisco over a weekend to take part in June 4th commemoration events. Now I am back and desperately catching up with school work as finals loom. Hence, I have not been spending much time in the kitchen, but rather taking advantage of inexpensive and quick meals available around campus. Speaking of which, I want to write a post about our campus cafeteria soon.

When I came back from the trip, I teased S about taking over the responsibility of cooking (on top of cleaning) for the next two weeks to help me out a bit. Much to my surprise, he accepted the challenge with remarkable resolve. For the first few days, he simply kept going to the butcher near our house to buy fresh 한우 (fresh local and organic beef), which tastes incredible just lightly grilled and wrapped in lettuce. But now he’s progressed to making several dishes at time. Today, we had two types of fish, fried croaker and teriyaki salmon, along with some seaweed soup that his mom prepared for us. With rice and kimchi, it makes for a really delightful and complete meal. He even went to the grocery store to pick out the ingredients himself.

I wish I could take some pictures, but our memory card is not available right now, so that will have to wait. I think he is as excited as I am about expanding his repertoire, which previously consisted only of fried rice. He even asked me to show him how to make a cake once my exams are over. Good thing I bought some ladyfingers while I was in San Francisco, I can’t wait to teach him how to make tiramisu!


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