Passionfruit Cheesecake

There is a recipe for passionfruit cheesecake in How to be a Domestic Goddess that I never thought I would have the chance to make, because fresh passionfruit are both expensive and hard to come by in Montreal. Still, just by the description, I fantasized about how it might taste. Fragrant, creamy with a tart bite. In Taiwan, passionfruit are cheap and available in abundance. When I was there this past week to visit my mom and grandparents, I indulged in several glasses a day of freshly squeezed juice. Knowing that this might be the only chance I have to make this cheesecake, I just had to sneak back some undiluted pulp to Seoul.

To make the cake, I had to get a little pie tin, which was very naughty of me as I’m supposed to be packing up, not getting more things to pack. More expensive was the cream cheese and whipping cream. But one bite and all was forgiven. I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to take this picture with my webcam (it’s not nearly as yellow).

I love the pastel colour of this cheesecake, and even more so the tanginess of it. Here’s a better picture the day after when I got my camera back.

By the way, this will probably be my last post from Seoul. I’m leaving Korea tomorrow to spend the summer in Washington, DC, with stops in LA and New York to visit my brothers, and my niece and nephew. Then I will go to Taipei, where I will be living for 9 months to study Chinese. I’ll try to continue to post, but I doubt I will ever be cooking/baking in a kitchen as small as the one I have here. It’s hard to believe my adventures in Seoul have already coming to a close. How quickly these 6 months have gone by. I couldn’t have imagined of a more wonderful time. I leave here comforted by the thought that I will be back, and that even greater experiences for me lie ahead.


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